Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifiers

EncapsulationSome homes and structures are built without basements. Typically, these structures have an open area built underneath for pipes, wires, and utilities called a crawl space. This crawl space area can get wet, damp, and even moldy just like a traditional basement can. When this happens it can cause severe problems with your utilities, ruin your foundation or flooring, and even worse it can negatively impact your health. We can

Fadale Enterprises, Inc. offers many options to solve these problems. Crawl space
encapsulation systems can reduce the gases and mold spores traveling into your home or business, which in turn will reduce the bad smells you may be experiencing. Additionally, it may stop that reoccurring sinus infection or illness caused by dampness, mold spores, or allergens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you have actual standing water in your crawl space? We have solutions for that too! Specialized sump pumps and drainage systems can move water out of your crawl space and create a dry environment. We have custom-made high efficiency dehumidifiers that fit into any size crawl space area. If you’re concerned about your electric bill going up…don’t be! These energy efficient dehumidifiers won’t put a dent in your checkbook. In many cases it may add under $2.00 (two dollars) to your monthly electric bill.

All of our crawl space encapsulation systems come with a wireless remote (with digital read out) base station for your convenience. This will allow you to see the humidity levels, temperature, and condition of your crawl space area without leaving the comfort of your home or business. All products and workmanship come with a warranty. Call today to set-up your appointment, and start living happy and health with your dry crawl space. Choose The Professionals!