Basement Waterproofing

Fixing Wet Basements

Wet Basement WaterproofingFrom wet basements to crawl spaces, damp or moldy split level living rooms to recessed garage space, we can solve all your water problems. Solving the source of the water can be the key ingredient to a successful home or business. We exclusively sell and service Zoeller and Gould Sump Pumps and products. To finish off basement projects we offer Sequentia fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP) for the foundation interior walls. FRP offers many significant features, including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, stain resistance, sanitary finish, extremely high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, low maintenance, and easy installation. Our systems are always a step above the competition. We include trouble-shooting outlet drains in every waterproofing system so if you have a problem we can solve it fast and effectively without a mess. If you have mold, no big deal. We have an in-house mold clean-up team available 24/7 to clean up any situation. We offer many options to solve water problems, let us help you today. Choose The Professionals!

Maintain your Sump Pump

basement sump pump zoellerService is important to us! Western New York from Orchard Park, Depew, and Amherst all the way to Jamestown, Westfield, and Chautauqua (and everywhere in between) ground water can contain many minerals and elements like calcium, lime, and iron (rust). These compounds can be extremely detrimental to the longevity of your sump pump. The sump pump is the heart of your waterproofing system and should be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Our service team can do this dirty job for you. Contact us for more information. We can usually schedule this by email with just a click away. See our Contacts page. Choose The Professionals!


Lifetime Guarantee

We handle all kinds of wet basement problems. Flooded basements, leaking basements, all types of foundation cracks or springs, moisture issues, small foundation leaks, large foundation leaks, drain repairs, subsurface drainage, water management interior and exterior, and all yard drainage situations. Ask us about our Lifetime Guarantee on waterproofing systems. Choose The Professionals!